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Introducing Astera Data Virtualization: Deliver On-Demand Integrated Data in Real-Time

Speaker: Wajiha Afaq, Senior QA Engineer and Product Expert | Adnan Sami Khan, Product Documentation Specialist

Liberating critical data trapped into enterprise systems and databases with agility and accuracy is a major challenge that businesses are unable to achieve through traditional data integration methods. To deliver actionable information in real-time, enterprises require a lean integration approach that ensures accelerated data delivery to consuming applications and users.

Enter Astera Data Virtualization.

Astera Data Virtualization delivers 360° virtual views of data dispersed across your enterprise in a single, optimized, high-performance environment. It simplifies data integration tasks and offers faster access to unified virtual datasets to business users, thus improving scalability, performance, and agility of data processes. Astera Data Virtualization is packed with features like virtual data models, data source caching, multi-table query source, user authentication and authorization engine, and more, serving curated datasets to business users at unprecedented speeds.

You will learn how:

  • Why data virtualization is the key to unlocking the hidden value of your enterprise data and achieving business agility
  • How Astera Data Virtualization offers unparalleled query processing performance through source data caching, indexing, parameterization, and entity relationships
  • Centralized data security and governance through SSL encrypted server-client communication, a token bearer authentication engine, and a unified user management interface
  • Native Astera Query Language and Astera Data Model Engine for using virtual databases in complex integration dataflows
  • Data virtualization use cases, like self-service analytics, staging tables, and operational data stores through Astera Data Virtualization

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