Data Warehouse Automation With Astera Data Warehouse Builder

Save hours of work by automating your data warehouse implementation with Astera Data Warehouse Builder. Drive insights faster!

  • Connect to a Wide Range of Sources & Destinations: Use built-in connectors to connect to various cloud and on-premise databases, enterprise applications and formats
  • Virtual Data Model (VDM): Get a unified view of all your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from disparate sources
  • Easy Data Modeling: Build dimensional models from scratch or build them automatically with the reverse engineering feature
  • Automatic Generation of Workflows & Dataflows: Autogenerate your workflows and dataflows and make custom modifications
  • Real-Time Data Loading: Use trigger tables and incremental load to update modified data each time a change is made in real time

See For Yourself How Simple It Is To Build A Data Warehouse Using Astera Data Warehouse Builder!

Here’s how easy it is to build your data warehouse with Astera Data Warehouse Builder:

  • data-source.jpg
    Model Your Source Data
    Use a single-source data model or a multi-source virtual data model to bring data from disparate sources together.
  • data-destination.jpg
    Model Destination Data
    Build dimensional models from scratch or by deriving data from source data models.
  • data-automation.jpg
    Automate Dataflows Easily
    Map and generate dataflows automatically. Use job scheduling to set time-based or event-based triggers.
  • analyze-data.jpg
    Visualize & Analyze Your Data
    Integrate with Tableau or Power BI to present data in an interactive and easy-to-understand format.
I love this tool and I believe it has a lot of potential. Even with a market leader like Informatica, the SCD logic has to be manually built. With Astera, this can be built in just a few minutes, and it impacts every mapping.
Mario Ferrer
BI / DW Architect, Achievers.

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