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Evolving Enterprise Data Architectures with Astera Data Warehouse Builder

Speaker: Jay Mishra, COO | Adnan Sami Khan, Product Documentation Specialist

Traditional data warehouses operating on bulky ETL and data lake-based frameworks fail to meet the business agility standards of enterprises striving to triumph in hyper-competitive markets.

Watch this webinar to hear Jay Mishra, COO Astera Software, talk about how enterprises can develop an agile data integration and delivery ecosystem through implementing data architecture modernization practices. He will also shed light on how Astera Data Warehouse Builder combines the power of data warehouse automation and data virtualization to help organizations hold the reins of their business data for producing real-time insights from the burgeoning data volumes.

You will learn:

  • The evolution of data warehousing and data architecture modernization
  • Why data lake-based architecture is not viable to handle the growing enterprise data needs
  • How data warehouse automation can fast-track data migration projects and ensure robust data governance
  • How Astera Data Warehouse Builder can help implement and harness the benefits of a modern data architecture
  • Astera Data Warehouse Builder’s capabilities to introduce flexibility, scalability, productivity, and business goals alignment in your data operations

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